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Freedom 250, 2012Jul21

M.O.R.E. Freedom 250

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So it was back to Barstow, California for the M.O.R.E. (www.moreracing.net) night race. This is the fourth of the six races of the year. The race is held in the middle of summer (temperatures can approach 115°F in the shade during the day). This race is started at 6:00pm when temperatures are expected to be cooler (in the 94°F range).

The previous race in Johnson Valley, California was disappointing as ANJ Motorsports did not finish the race but did earn enough points to stay in first place in 2012 championship points. This was in no small part due to the hard work of all of the crew members of the ANJ Motorsports team.

ANJ Motorsports arrived in Barstow Thursday afternoon, with a new co-driver, Adam Nimmo, co-driver for owner/driver Joe Castrey. Some “seat-time” was needed for the two of them to get comfortable with each other during Friday’s checkout of the race car. Joshua Castrey, driver, and Mike Amling, co-driver, will be starting the race and they are scheduled to be the fourth Class 1600 race car off the start line on Saturday.

Friday afternoon, ANJ Motorsports was off to Slash X (Ranch & Cafe) for contingency, sign-in, and the safety/technical inspection of the race car and drivers gear. That evening the team returned to the main pit for some night time testing and to adjust the race car’s lighting systems. As more of the ANJ Motorsports team members were arriving, dinner was served.

With the late 6:00pm start time on Saturday, the team made final adjustments to the race car and loaded the chase trucks with the gear to work on the race car out on the track if necessary. A late lunch was served and it was off to the drivers meeting. Safety was the number one topic of the drivers’ meeting that ended around 5:00pm. We then returned to the main pit in time to see the chase teams depart for their assignments along the race course.

The race started in bright sunlight and a temperature of 100°F. Joshua and Mike were in for a long hot first half of the race. By the end of the first lap ANJ Motorsports had moved into third place and on lap three we were in second place. Once the sun had set, it was time for a driver change on lap four. During the driver change, team ANJ Motorsports fell back to third place finish. Joe Castrey and Adam Nimmo worked their way back into second place but ended up with a third place. This was a great race for the ANJ Motorsports team. ANJ is headed to the next race with a 28 points lead in 2012 championship points.

Joe Castrey, Ownwer/Driver, getting into racecar during pitstop.

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