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Balls-Out 250, 2012Mar17

M.O.R.E. Balls-Out 250

Saturday, March 17, 2012

ANJ Motorsports returned to Barstow, California for round two of the six race season. The course for this event was a 36 mile loop consisting of six laps for a total of 216 miles. After a fourth place finish for the first race, ANJ Motorsports worked even harder in preparing the racecar. The team needed a better finish to keep the 2012 season points championship in reach. The team arrived in Barstow on Thursday knowing that Friday was going to be a challenge and early preparation would help. Friday’s weather forecast included high winds, rain, hail, sleet and snow. However, bad weather is never an acceptable excuse for off-road racers.

After a day of pre-running the racecourse, it was time to go to Slash X (Ranch & Cafe) for contingency, sign-in and safety/technical inspection of the racecar and drivers’ gear. That evening we were back at camp for a deliciously filling dinner that was prepared for the entire team. Then it was off to a warm bed for well-deserved restful sleep.

Saturday morning was ominous with rain and high winds upwards of 95 mph. ANJ Motorsports was well represented by drivers, pit crew and chase teams at the drivers’ meeting to hear last minute safety instructions. The team returned to the main pit for final preparations for the race. The chase teams headed out to their positions along several race course sections, checking radio communications along the way. Josh Castrey, driver and Mike Amling, co-driver leapt off the start line at 8:30am. The rain had stopped around 8:00am and we were hoping it was gone for the entire day.  Unfortunately, during the race the winds increased in strength, blowing dust and tumbleweeds onto the racecourse making the demanding racecourse even more difficult than it is under “normal” conditions.

ANJ Motorsports’ number 1649 racecar was the first one off the start line for the Class 1600’s. We were able to maintain first place until a blown front tire at race mile 26.0 of the first lap. Now in last place, Josh Castrey, driver and Mike Amling, co-driver, took ANJ Motorsports (#1649) back into second place by the time of the driver change.  After the driver change was completed, on lap 3, ANJ Motorsports had fallen back to third place. With Joe Castrey, driver and Mike Amling, still as co-driver in the racecar, they headed back on the track to catch their competitors.

Class 1600 Results:

Wind and rain turns racecar and drivers into a muddy mess!

ANJ Motorsports (#1649) drove their way back into second place on lap five and finished in second place with a time of 7:17:23 hours which equates to a 29.9 mph average. Mike Depue finished the race in first place with a time of 6:06:23 hours and average speed of 35.7mph, the rest of Class 1600 racecars did not finish (DNF) the race.CLASS 1600 Results:

With a fourth place finish in race #1 and a second place finish in race #2, ANJ Motorsports (#1649) moved into FIRST PLACE in 2012 M.O.R.E. championship points!

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