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ANJ Testing New Race Car

Ongoing testing is being conducted.  Each of the three tests, so far, have included successes and challenges.  There have been adjustments made that have enhanced the performance.  The last test is scheduled for mid December and we look forward to the 2010 race season!


Joe – “The suspension and horsepower are unbelievable.”
Josh – “Oh what fun it is to ride in a 1/2 1600.”
Mike – “Ohhhh my God!”
Steve – “Its got a good beat and you can dance to it.  I’d give it an 89.”

ANJ Debut

Thank you to everyone who made the debut of the new race car such a success!  We had more than 40 people come out for the festivities.

The pit challenge was a test of strategy and knowledge.  There was plenty of excitement when Team Thing (Greg Van Dam, driver), Team Frogger (John Van Dam, driver) and Team Pre-runner (Lisa (short course) Amling, driver) took to the race track!  A special thanks to our panel of distinguished, international judges:  Bill Castrey (Mexico), Bob Westmyer (OC), and Charlie Betts (Tennessee).  First place went to Team Frogger who received the coveted paper plate trophy!  Team Thing came in a close second and the greasy wrench prize was awarded.  Team Pre-runner is looking forward to a re-match in the future!

Thanks to Sarah Van Dam (Consultant for WineShop at Home™) wine tasting after the events of the day was the perfect beginning to an evening of story telling and partying!

First Day in the Desert with ANJ Motorsports

As I was arriving at the ANJ camp location I could tell that sprits were high and they knew I was going to do well. Before when I rode, I was able to ride a 90cc motorcycle, but this time I was going to ride a TT-R 225. For a new rider, that kind of scared me with the different size in bikes. I had great support behind me with all the guys cheering me on as I got on the bike.

Even though I didn’t start the bike I was all geared up and that alone called for a photo opportunity. With that they took a picture and then Uncle Joe decided that one more was needed and a first aid kit was held next to me while I was on the bike. (Good sense of humor since I get hurt a lot).

I learned to warm up the bike; I need to pull the choke and let it run, so that’s what I did. The bike roared to a start, I grasped the clutch and put the bike into first. I slowly released the clutch and the bike moved and I didn’t fall I was so excited I actually did it! We moved away from the camp and I encountered the woopty-doos, those are my favorites they are always fun.

When I got back to camp after a good ride my Uncle Joe offered to take me for a ride in the pre-runner. I got in and someone else helped strap me in nice and tight, so I didn’t get hurt. Safety first, as I learned out there with the team. He started driving and asked how fast we were going so I told him 46.7, it felt a lot faster in the pre-runner. You could barely feel the woopty-doos while he was driving. It was bumpy most of the times and a real adrenaline rush for me. The fastest I saw us go was 58.9mph on the woopty-doos, which were smooth at that speed. The pre-runner feel is a lot different then the dirt bike on the woopty-doos.

Over all the whole experience was amazing and I can’t wait till I’m able to go again. I had a great time with the ANJ team. Also, I got to experience why they love racing and the thrill they experience, though when I went it was a lot slower then they are use to. I only got a taste of what they are doing but that taste left me wanting more. I can’t wait for my next experience with them.

-Megan V.

ANJ Motorsports is a green race team

ANJ Motorsports is an eco-friendly team. We pre-run and race only on designed and marked race courses. We police our pit areas and bring more trash back from the surrounding desert. We will use our knowledge of racing for testing and research to achieve better gas mileage, emission control systems, engine life cycle and tire development for all vehicles. We recycle our oil, tires and containers. Our goal is to co-exist with nature.

ANJ Motorsports moving up in racing class

ANJ will be racing in the 1 / 2 1600 class in the 2009 racing season. This is a restricted open wheel class with empty weight of 1800 lbs. The chassis is a steel tubular frame using VW type components, front torsion housing, link pin arms, rear torsion housing with IRS using micro stub hubs with CV axles. The transmission is a VW bus box with four forward gears and one reverse gear. The brake system is four wheel disc brakes with a rear steering brake system. The engine is a VW four cylinder 1600cc air cooled engine producing 85-95hp with top speeds of 75-85mph. Class 1 / 2 1600 is the third class to start after the Trophy truck and Class 1.

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