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New Year’s 200, 2012Jan21

M.O.R.E. New Year’s 200

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It was an exciting beginning of the 2012 M.O.R.E. (www.moreracing.net) race season in the Mojave Desert. With pre-race preparations completed on Friday, the ANJ Motorsports team went to work setting up ANJ Motorsports’ main pit at the start/finish pit area. Most of the day was spent pre-running the 28.5 mile race course before heading off to Slash X (Ranch & Cafe) for contingency, sign-in, safety/technical inspection of the racecar and drivers’ gear. Contingency is where spectators have a chance to get up-close with the racecars and race teams for hand-outs, stickers, and autographs along with lots of questions and answers. It is also when parts, fuel/lubricants, and other vendors show their wares and offer prizes to race teams “contingent” on their performance in the race and using their product while having their sticker on your racecar.ANJ Motorsports then trekked back to the main pit area for dinner and an early bed time for the team.

Saturday morning in Barstow, California was bright and sunny but brought with it 60 mph winds. The race start time was 8:15am. ANJ Motorsports’ day however started with the team meeting at 6:00am. Next, the drivers and co-drivers attended the M.O.R.E drivers’ meeting at 7:15 am. The chase trucks were loaded with tools, parts, and equipment anticipating what the race car may need away from the main pit area. The chase teams departed for their assigned areas along the race course at 7:30am. The race course is 28.5 miles long with 2 road crossings. Pits and spectator viewing areas are at the Start/Finish line and race miles 6, 11.5 and 18. Sixty-four racers were entered in 13 different classes. ANJ Motorsports’ Class 1600 was scheduled to race 7 laps for a total of 200 miles. Sixty-Four racecars started the race and 42 racecars completed the course.

CLASS 1600 Results:

#1629-Randy Jones took first place in 5:06:17 hours.  Julie Meehan finished in second place in 5:30:00 hours in racecar #1698. Keith Rogovin finished in third place in 6:05:21 hours. And after two flat tires, #1649 Joe Castrey (ANJ Motorsports) finished in fourth place in 6:19:45 hours at an average speed of 31.3 mph.

Leaving ANJ Motorsports Main Pit to the Start line for the start of race.

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