Oct 21

ANJ Motorsports Returns to Baja 1000!

ANJ Motorsports (anjmotorsports.net) is proud to announce our return to the Baja peninsula to compete in the 2015 SCORE Bud Light Baja 1000 (score-international.com). The race activities begin on Wednesday, November 18 with Pre-Tech and Safety inspections; Thursday is driver registration with the parade of racecars through contingency. The race begins on Friday, November 20 at 6:00am with the motorcycles off first.

This is the longest non-stop off-road race in the world.  This year’s race will start and finish in Ensenada, Mexico. The race course is 900 miles long and will consist of goat trails, silt, whoop-de-dos, and rocky beaches. This race is a time limited race of 34 hours with support team involvement of up to 48 continuous hours of non-stop activity.

This will be the first Baja 1000 for this racecar. Team ANJ will participate in the very competitive class 1/2-1600. Joe Castrey will return to the driver’s seat after 2 years. We are proud to announce that Mike Amling is moving from the navigator seat to become the newest driver for team ANJ. Josh Castrey is kicking off the race in the starting position and will have Dustin Lakin serving as navigator.  Mike Amling is teaming up with Adam Nimmo in the middle portion of the race. We will finish the race with a father and son team (Joe Castrey driving and Josh Castrey navigating). Josh Castrey will be in the racecar for the start and finish of the race.

Team ANJ Motorsports could not exist or compete in racing without the support of our championship winning race team members, including: Jeff Claerhout, Lead Mechanic; Mr. Bill Castrey, Baja Logistics; Alice Castrey and Nicole Parks, Communication and Internet Coordinators; and Bill Castrey, General Manager. Chase and Support Members for the 2015 Baja 1000 include: Chris Clark, Isaac George, Joe Capoccia, Matt Russo, Misty Clark, Paul Dane, Phil Bojorquez, and Tyler Parks. With special thanks to Amber Castrey, Lisa Amling, Kari Lakin, Jennifer Ridgeway, Ross Mattice, Steve Mc Pheeters, Deanna Westmyer, and  Bryan VanDiggele who  will be unable to attend.

ANJ Racecar Blue small paint

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