Dec 10

2012 M.O.R.E. Holiday 200 Toys for Tots

The team worked hard during the past couple of months to have the racecar in top shape for this sixth and final race of the 2012 M.O.R.E. racing series. This race is a time when all of the racing teams show their gratitude and goodwill by donating toys to “Toys for Tots”. ANJ Motorsports is pleased to participate in this event each year.

The weather on the coast was miserable with winds and intermittent heavy rains. The weather in Barstow, CA at the track bounced back and forth the whole weekend between cloudy with high winds to clear with calm breezes with temperatures from 55°F to 65°F but avoided any rain.

The Wednesday before the race, Chris and Misty Clark showed up to stake out a perfect pit area and taped it off for ANJ Motorsports. Thursday morning a majority of the team showed up with the racecar to begin pre-running the double-looped course. Fine tuning on racecar handling also began in earnest.  Mike Amling wowed everyone when he showed up in his new luxury hotel on wheels.

Friday morning, several laps of the track were made with Jeff Alvarez (Beanie) and the pre-runner, as plans were decided on how to best navigate the more treacherous portions of the track. Friday evening, we made a quick trip through Tech and Safety inspection at nearby Slash X. We then headed back to camp for a few hamburgers, while we enjoyed a full moonrise over the eastern mountains as it played hide-and-seek through the wisps of remaining clouds.  It was then off to an early night’s sleep.

Saturday morning started at 5:00am, as Chase vehicles were loaded, the racecar lowered out of the new utility trailer and final prep was made.  Most of the team went to the Driver’s meeting before heading to each of their posts for the race. In a final team meeting before the race, Owner Joe Castrey made it clear that everyone needed to stay safe and stay within all of the rules to avoid a disqualification at all costs as this was the only thing keeping the team from the 2012 points championship.

Team Drivers (left to right) Joe Castrey, Adam Nimmo, Mike Amling and Josh Castrey

There were 8 racecars entered in the Class 1600. ANJ Motorsports #1649 started from the final position, with Joe Castrey as the driver and Adam Nimmo as co-driver. It was Adam’s first time off the start line. Joe said, “Adam experienced quite a bit of activity in the first lap. He caught on quickly and did a great job navigating.” Although they were taking it a little easy the first lap you could tell that the racecar was “racy” and was going to be competitive. After three laps, ANJ Motorsports #1649 had moved into 4th place and were setting their sights on 3rd place. They came into the main pit for fuel and a quick driver change after the 3rd lap.  Joshua Castrey, driver and Mike Amling, co-driver headed out for the 4th lap, just as they reached the rocky canyon area 6 miles in, they felt something break in the right rear and got out to find the axle had broken. It was the end of the race.

After the race Joe said, “The car was handling great, as we were able to pass several cars.” It was an unfortunate end as everybody had worked so hard, but that is part of racing. The team had a good time and although we were unable to finish the race, enough was completed to secure the 2012 points championship for the year.

Saturday night the team celebrated its 2012 points championship!

Thanks to everyone for a great year! We look forward to the awards banquet and to an exciting 2013 racing season, as we are looking at some alternative racing venues culminating with the SCORE Baja 1000 in November.


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